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Polaris Supplies The Aggregates For San Francisco's Iconic New Skyscraper

November 10, 2015

At 1,070 feet (326 metres) the new $1.1 billion Salesforce Tower will be the centerpiece of San Francisco's Transbay Redevelopment Plan and the second tallest building west of the Mississippi. In just 17 hours over this past weekend Polaris' two largest San Francisco area ready mixed concrete customers worked together to complete pouring of the building's foundation mat, a massive 13,000 plus cubic yards of heavily reinforced concrete that required some 25,000 tons of sand and gravel aggregate supplied from Polaris' Orca Quarry.

This massive pour was carried out using a fleet of over 100 concrete delivery trucks operating out of four ready mixed concrete batch plants. Polaris has been the aggregate supplier to the two largest batch plants in the city for some years but the exceptional demands of this pour required coordination of supplies from multiple sources. To achieve this, 5,200 tons were dispatched from Polaris's east Bay terminal in Richmond (a new daily record) and materials were also offloaded by barge from a ship at anchor that had just arrived in the Bay from the quarry. The ability to complete such a demanding contract with multiple concrete customers utilizing a single source of aggregate supply, demonstrates the unique logistical solution Polaris has established in this dynamic market area.

Artist's rendering - Salesforce Tower, San Francisco

Polaris Materials Corporation is exclusively focused on the development of quarries and the production of construction aggregates in British Columbia for marine transportation to urban markets on the west coast of North America to meet local supply deficits. In 2007, Polaris began shipping sand and gravel from the Orca Quarry to San Francisco Bay, Vancouver BC, and Hawaii.

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