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Polaris Materials
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Corporate Overview

Polaris Materials Corporation is a supplier of high quality construction aggregates to major coastal city markets in California, Hawaii and British Columbia. The Company has developed an integrated logistical chain of mineral resources, receiving port terminals and cost effective, contracted shipping that allows it to meet the need for replacement aggregate sources in markets where local resources are depleting and marine imported aggregates offer an increasingly viable alternative.

The Company operates the Orca Quarry, located on the northeast coast of Vancouver Island, BC, which is a very high quality sand and gravel resource with long life, permitted reserves. In California, Polaris owns the Richmond and Long Beach Terminals. The Company is actively engaged in the evaluation of opportunities for access to additional port receiving terminals, a priority that will allow sales growth through increased geographic coverage.

Polaris Materials Corporation recently secured tenure over the Black Bear Project, a massive hard rock deposit located in close proximity to the Orca Quarry, and is the major shareholder in the Eagle Rock Quarry Project, a large granite resource that is also situated on the coastline of Vancouver Island. The development of the Company's additional aggregate resources will be complementary to the existing Orca Quarry operation and support future growth. 

Polaris is a wholly owned subsiduary of US Concrete Inc. Based in Euless, Texas, U.S. Concrete operates and sells its products and services in the United States.  Through its operating companies, U.S. Concrete serves major construction markets in the United States in two business segments: ready-mixed concrete and aggregate products.  The Company provides its products and services from its operating companies in Texas, Northern California, Oklahoma, New Jersey, New York, Washington, D.C, Philadelphia, and British Columbia.