Richmond Terminal

The Richmond Terminal, owned and operated by Eagle Rock Aggregates, Inc. (ERA), is a strategic gateway into one of Polaris Materials Corporation's principal target markets. Located in the Port of Richmond, California, this state-of-the-art aggregate receiving, storage and distribution facility was built by ERA in 2007 to serve the northeastern San Francisco Bay area. Commercial operations at the terminal began in early 2008. It is permitted to handle 1.5 million tons of construction aggregates per year.

CSL Acadian at the Richmond Terminal

Featuring high-speed overhead conveyors, the terminal can receive product from Panamax freighters at their maximum unloading rate of 5,000 tons per hour, thus ensuring a minimum amount of unloading time. The terminal's enclosed building stores approximately 70,000 tons of material, and features a truck loading facility that can rapidly load customer's trucks. In 2009, the truck load-out facility was expanded with a second load-out conveyor system to handle periods of peak demand. In 2009, ERA dispatched 327,000 tons of sand and gravel from the Orca Quarry through the terminal.

The Richmond Terminal site is held under a 40-year lease with Levin Enterprises Inc. ERA also holds an agreement with Pacific Atlantic Terminals LLC enabling ships to discharge at its berth and convey construction aggregates to the adjacent Richmond Terminal.

Additional photos of the Richmond Terminal may be viewed in the Photo Gallery.