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Polaris Minerals Corporation Renamed: Polaris Materials Corporation

January 2, 2015

VANCOUVER, British Columbia - Effective January 1, 2015, Polaris Minerals Corporation was renamed Polaris Materials Corporation (TSX:PLS).

The Company had confirmed that it would change its name in a News Release issued December 15th, 2014. The change, which had been approved by 99.3% of the votes cast at the Company's 2014 Annual General Meeting, has now been completed.

The Company's TSX stock symbol and the CUSIP number for its common shares remain unchanged. The Company has adopted a new logo to accompany the name change.

Polaris Materials Corporation is exclusively focused on the development of quarries and the production of construction aggregates in British Columbia for marine transport to urban markets on the Pacific coasts of North America to meet growing local supply deficits. The Company began shipping sand and gravel from the Orca Quarry to San Francisco Bay, Vancouver and Hawaii in 2007.

For further information, please contact:

Herb Wilson, President and CEO
Polaris Materials Corporation
Tel: (604) 915-5000